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Water dishes/bowls

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  • April 17, 2013 6:49 AM
    Message # 1270770
    Kathy Petersen (Administrator)
    I wanted to start a topic for some assistance............I use big concrete mixing pans for water dishes and I also place a kiddie pool in my pig areas.  I absolutely cannot keep water dishes clean.  I have to change them every single day as they are not getting in the kiddie pools much but, getting in the water dishes before I can even refill them.  What do you do that works?  

    Kathy Petersen
    Virginia KuneKunes
  • April 18, 2013 9:12 PM
    Reply # 1272513 on 1270770
    Deleted user

    Hi Kathy!


    What a wonderful discussion to begin! I had been experiencing similar problems. For the time being, and  in a cold, windy mountain town like we are, our pigs are supplied with mud and rinsings during the day. When it heats up more and the soil will no longer retain moisture as well, then we will switch to a pool.


     For their water buckets, since they would always put their feet in the shallow, wide water dishes, I have been using foot wide, four inch tall rubber bowls from our local feed store. The smaller diameter helps resist thier urge of dunking their pretty hooves since its not easy managing those beautiful jowls :)


    As for the pool vs. your drinking bins, does your pool come higher off the ground than the water dish? If so, this may be whats detering them. A quick-fix for that would be to bury your pool until its about an inch above the dirt. This will also help keep it cool :) This is my first year raising pigs though, so if something sounds off, please let me know. Either way, I hope this is helpful :)



    Sabrina Spires

    Golden Rule Farm, AZ

  • April 19, 2013 6:19 PM
    Reply # 1273202 on 1270770
    Kathy Petersen (Administrator)
    Thank you for your response and ideas Sabrina!  I really do appreciate it.  I have the bigger kiddie pools with a cut out to make it easier to get in and out.  The concrete pans are big enough for them to get into.  I also just tried a taller horse bowl and that seems to be working better as they sure can't get their big butts in that!  lol

    Let me know what else you may come up with too.

    Kathy Petersen
    Virginia KuneKunes
  • May 03, 2013 10:18 AM
    Reply # 1284715 on 1270770
    Deleted user
    i just have to share!  the other day was pretty warm here for upstate ny in april.  is was about 75 deg.  i have those plastic black round water/feed bowls from tractor supply that hold about 5 gallons of water.  i filled one up about 1/2 way and i am walking down to get more water and i hear this splashing behind me.  i turn around and here is Optimus (our big Mahia Love boar, about 180lbs) with both front feet in the bowl, then he pretty much dives into the bowl as he flops down so the water splashes on his head!  it was pretty funny.  he certainly did not fit in that bowl!  this weekend we will be introducing him to our newly electric fenced 5 or so acres with a nice large wet area from our spring overflow.  it flows about 10' wide and maybe 200' long.  they are going to be in pig heaven!!  they are also enjoying their new pig palace that we built and the pen around it that they go in each night.  i am so glad they are out of the barn! 
  • May 24, 2013 12:46 PM
    Reply # 1300763 on 1270770
    Deleted user
    This may seem so basic but really trying to figure out the correct water dish is a daily challenge. Too large then they decide to get into the bowl, even though they have a pool to cool off. A bowl too small they flip and make a nice mud hole. The problem is I am filling water bowls at least three times a day....crazy! The other day I didn't check a area with two sows until long in the afternoon and sure enough their bowls were dry and they had been without water for at least half a day. Short of installing a automatic water system I really would love someone to give me their solution.
  • June 04, 2013 10:53 PM
    Reply # 1309664 on 1270770
    Deleted user
    We have multiple kiddie pools in all of our pig pens.   It gets very very hot here in South MS in the summer, so it is a must.  The pigs use these both as water dishes (unfortunately) and wading pools.  These we only fill up once a day and there is always water in them at the end of the day -- dirty for sure though. 

    We also use some of the hard black dishes that we buy at TSC that are for water only.  They are square and I think probably are meant more for salt blocks, but they work wonderful for water dishes.  Too small for any of them to get in and very sturdy so they do not tip them over.


  • June 13, 2013 1:36 PM
    Reply # 1317439 on 1270770
    Kathy Petersen (Administrator)

    Here is another idea during the summer months as well.  We save our gallon and 1/2 gallon milk jugs.  We stick them in the freezer and when temperatures are high we put them in the swimming pools while we are away during the day.  This melts slowly but, keeps the water colder so it is more refreshing for them. 


    I too have the issue of them crawling in all their water dishes.  I have the big concrete black pans, the round black pans and swimming pools and most of the time, they climb in those water dishes and drink out of the swimming pools.  lol  Rarely do they knock these over as filled up it is quite heavy.



  • June 27, 2013 3:03 PM
    Reply # 1328604 on 1270770
    Deleted user
    I just got done writing a feeding and watering tip on the feeding dissussion board. I use a 500 gallon water barrel that is modified with a pig water nipple. The nipple is very easy to install should be available at any tractor supply. The pigs figure out how is works pretty quick. I clean and fill the barrell once a week. They will still need a bathing/mud pool, but at least you know they have clean drinking water. Hope this helps.
  • September 26, 2013 1:18 AM
    Reply # 1398694 on 1270770
    Deleted user

    We just got our first two gilts 2 weeks ago. We are using a large base dog feeding bowl for the water bowl. The base is wider so it doesn't tip over if they try to step in. Right now they are in a temporary area in my back yard until they get a bit older and then will go into a horse/pig stall. We also have the small size blue baby pool for them to get into when it is hot. They learned right away to just hop over the edge into the pool. They hunker down, cool off and then step out and go about the day. I haven't decided what to use once they get bigger and go into the regular stall and pastures. I will keep checking for ideas.

    Good Day~
    Barry & Becky
  • October 06, 2013 10:03 AM
    Reply # 1405930 on 1270770
    Deleted user
    i know its hard to keep up with all the posts everywhere but if some of you are not in the facebook group AKKPS members only, there were pictures there about a automatic waterer from heidi and it looks like it will do the trick.  I purchased the automatic waterer separate and now need to run to tractor supply to buy the water trough to install it in.  
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