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AKKPS Breed Standard

Our Breed Standards were adopted in 2013 based on the standards from the British KuneKune Pig Society.

Desirable traits:

The vision should be unobstructed, except by possible forward inclined ears

The snout, mouth, and teeth should be suitable for foraging and grazing

The overall weight of the pig should be such that it is comfortable and able to run.  The goal would be to have a pig that is healthy over all other things.

HEAD: face broad and dished, a short to medium snout and teeth suitable for grazing:  10 points

EARS: erect or flopped, inclined forward:  5 points

WATTLES: two, well formed and well attached:  10 points

NECK: short to medium, jowl light to medium 5 points

BODY: shoulders level and in proportion, chest moderately wide between the legs, and well rounded hams: 10 points

BACK: strong, level or slightly arched:  10 points

TAIL: a natural tail, set high:  5 points

LEGS: straight, well set, able to support the size. Pasterns strong and resilient. The ability to walk well with a good straight action.: 10 points

FEET: strong, closed, and even:  10 Points

SKIN/HAIR: Healthy, coat color matching one of the recognized colors on the AKKPS color chart:  5 points

SEXUAL CHARACTERISTICS: Female; a sow should have at least 10 evenly spaced teats Male; a boar should exhibit masculine characteristics and 10 evenly spaced teats:  10 points

TEMPERAMENT: friendly, calm, placid natured:  10 points

TOTAL: 100 points

*Adopted from the British KuneKune Pig Society with some minor adjustments made

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