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American KuneKune Pig Society

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                                   Members Bill of Rights

The American KuneKune Pig Society is governed and managed by its members. 

By the members, for the members.

All members have rights.

Every dues-paying member in good standing has the indisputable right to:
    • Register KuneKune pigs and their pedigrees, pursuant to the By-Laws.
    • Reduced rates over non-members for:
      • Registration of pigs/piglets.
      • Transfer of ownership of pigs/piglets.
      •  Litter notification.
      • Dual registration from another registry.
      • Show and exhibition entry fees. 
    • Exclusive, members only, paid access to the AKKPS on-line herd book with paid membership. 
    • Vote on those issues presented to the membership for consideration.
    • Vote to elect Regional Directors who will represent your region's AKKPS members on the Board of Directors.
    • Nominate any AKKPS member in good standing as a candidate for an elected position.
    • Present yourself as a candidate for any elected position in the AKKPS. 
    • Bring suggestions and/or concerns to an Executive Officer or Board Member for consideration or redress.
    • Submit articles to be considered for publication in the AKKPS Newsletter.
    • Participate in and/or host AKKPS sanctioned Kunekune shows and exhibitions.

No photos or content may be duplicated or copied without express permission in writing from the Board of Directors.

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