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Registrar is on vacation from 7/16/2021 - 7/26/2021.  

Please allow 15-20 business days for processing and approximately 1 week for the mail.

Emailed Registrations will most likely come same day as processed.

Before contacting the registrar to see if something has been processed please check the herd book

Do you have questions for the Registrar?  Please use this Form - Contact Registrar

Fee Schedule 2021    

Please note:  In AKKPS, all breeders must do their own litter notification, DNA and registrations.  

(using their own checks, or paypal account for payment and their own UC Davis account as well as listed email address)

****Canadian members please note that we cannot accept checks or money orders.   Due to the conversions and bank charges, we apologize that we are unable to accept anything other than paypal.  Please do the online versions of all registrations excluding a buyer transfer form.  For a buyer transfer, please see mail in form for instructions.

**USA Members:  we accept paypal and personal checks only (no money orders)

Litter Notification

Use this form for new piglet births

Online Litter Notifications

Mail In Form

Piglet Registrations

Use this form when you have DNA results

Online Piglet Registration

Mail In Form

Pet Registrations

Use this form for piglets sold as pets

Online Pet Pig Registration

Mail In Form

Transfer of Ownership

Use this to transfer ownership on already AKKPS registered pigs.

Online Transfer of Ownership

Mail in Form

 Dual Registration

Use this form to have an DNA/Registered Pig put into AKKPS.

Online Dual Registration

Mail In Form

Error Correction Form/ Reporting 

Online forms only

Error Correction is only on Registered Pigs.

Error Correction

Duplicate Registration Request

Use this form if you are the owner and have misplaced or lost your registration.

Online Duplicate Registration Request

DNA Correction Form for Fees

DNA Fees for Corrections

Parentage DNA Issues 02/15/2018

*Use this form if the piglets you have on the ground, DNA is excluding them as possible parents.

Online Parent DNA Issue Form

Mail In Form for Parent DNA Issues

Sponsored Membership Application

Online Member Sponsorship

Gold Tip Certification Form

Note Pig must be 18 months old

Online Form


Use this form if you are not on the AKKPS Breeder's list and have met the qualifications as set forth by the AKKPS.

Need to reach our Registrar:

Contact the Registrar

Need to reach the webmaster for website related questions? 

Use this Form

AKKPS Phone Number:  434.942.5528

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