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Online Herd Book Guide

We have put together a herdbook help guide, for those who are just getting started with our herdbook.  

Our herdbook is available to all of our members and is included in the membership fee.    

Our online herdbook is a robust system that allows you to:

    • Search KuneKune Pedigrees and Records
    • View KuneKunes for Sale
    • View offspring records for all KuneKunes on record
    • View ownership records, breeder records, registration numbers, identification numbers, color, number of wattles, gender, DNA Case #, and so much more for each KuneKune on record.
    • Run Trial Pedigrees.  Want to see what a Pedigree will look like for a potential mating?  With a few clicks of a button you will instantly have that information at hand.
    • View inbreeding percentages for all KuneKunes on record as well as view these percentages for the trial pedigrees that you run, thereby having a more informed decision about your buying and breeding plans.
    • To mark pig or piglets deceased, harvested or under observation.

If you need additional help or have more questions, or are experiencing any problems,

please email the Herd Book Administrator, Kathy Petersen at 

Password and User ID

You will need log in information if you want to add photos or post a sales ad directly to the herd book.

  Request Log In Info for Herd Book

This is a members only option.

How to Post a Sales Ad 

Click Here for Guide

How to mark an animal deceased, harvested or under observation

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