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AKKPS Breeders List

These are AKKPS members who are actively Breeding and Exclusively Litter Notifying and Registering with AKKPS.  These members have been qualified per the below guidelines to be listed as an AKKPS Breeder.

The purpose of the Breeders List it to help promote AKKPS Breeders.

An AKKPS breeder is defined as an AKKPS member that exclusively uses AKKPS to litter notify and register their pigs.

A member would need at least one litter notification per year with 25% of those piglets being registered to qualify.

For the yearly audit, conducted between January 1 through September 30, your total litter notified piglets will be counted, then all OB, MP or deceased piglets will be removed from that total. (It is the breeders responsibility to remove them.) You have to register 25% of what remains.

If you are a member who have met the qualifications and are not on the list...please complete this form.

Last audit performed 12/31/2020

Disclaimer:  The Breeder listing on the AKKPS website is not an endorsement of business practices. It is a list of AKKPS members who have met the registration requirements as stated above to have their contact information provided as a breeder  We encourage all buyers to ask questions, consult references, and get a written record of their agreement regarding registrations.

If you are a member and feel that you have met the requirements to be listed on the breeder's list, please complete this form so that we may future research your eligibility.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for your emailed response.

AKKPS Breeder's List Request

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