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AKKPS Breeder's List

These are AKKPS members who are actively Breeding and Exclusively Litter Notifying and Registering with AKKPS.  These members have been qualified per the below guidelines to be listed as an AKKPS Breeder.

The purpose of the Breeders List it to help promote AKKPS Breeders.

An AKKPS breeder is defined as an AKKPS member that exclusively uses AKKPS to litter notify and register their pigs.

A member would need at least one litter notification per year with 25% of those piglets being registered to qualify.

For the yearly audit, conducted between January 1 through September 30, your total litter notified piglets will be counted, then all OB, MP or deceased piglets will be removed from that total. (It is the breeders responsibility to remove them.) You have to register 25% of what remains.

If you are a member who have met the qualifications and are not on the list...please complete this form.

Last audit performed 12/31/2020


Each breeder has a "Detailed Info" link under their name. Click on this link to view more detailed information such as email, phone number, and KuneKune bloodlines that they own.  Each breeder manages their information that is displayed on the "Detailed Info" page under their log in credentials and profile information.

Disclaimer:  The Breeder listing on the AKKPS website is not an endorsement of business practices. It is a list of AKKPS members who have met the registration requirements as stated above to have their contact information provided as a breeder  We encourage all buyers to ask questions, consult references, and get a written record of their agreement regarding registrations.


 Katrina Brown, Home Away From Home Farm

Dutton, AL

Detailed Info

April Opoka Higher Ground Herbs & Homestead

Union Grove, AL

Detailed Info 

Amy M Lucas, Chestnut Acres Farm

Meridianville, AL

Detailed Info 

 Ravin Farmer, Eden Farm

Verbena, AL

Detailed Info



Robin Melville, The Bohemian Homestead

Paulden, AZ

Detailed Info


Brenda Eldridge, Piney Creek Farm KuneKune's

Calico Rock, AR

Detailed Info

Amanda Browning, Mossy Glade Farm

Calico Rock, AR

Detailed Info

 Patti LaFleur, Fiddling Pig Farms

Benton, AR

Detailed Info

Leanna McKnight,  The Pig Trails Kunes

Williford, AR

Detailed Info

 Valerie Green, Green Isaac Homestead

Conway, AR

Detailed Info

 Brittany & Brandon Shaddox, Shaddox Family Farm

Hindsville, AR

Detailed Info

 Christi Phillips, East Richwoods

Mountain View, AR

Detailed Info


 Joe & Cathy Coy, Pig Ridge Farm

La Junta, CO

Detailed Info

 Sean Nelson, Marion's Ranch

Strasburg, CO

Detailed Info


 Coffman Family, DelMar KuneKunes

Seaford, DE

Detailed Info


 Lesley & Josh Douglass, Heritage Hilltop Farm

Weirsdale, FL

Detailed Info

Alan & Christy Kelley,  TradeWinds Ranch

Brooksville, FL

Detailed Info

 Rachel Manning, Edgar Acres Farm

Hawthorne, FL

Detailed Info

Leilani Simmons, Scurvy Elephant Farm

Cross Creek, FL

Detailed Info 

      Leanna Cappucci & Michael Todd McVay, Oak Valley Ranch

Dade City, FL

Detailed Info


 Kate Carpenter, Little Paws Farm

Stratham, GA

Detailed Info




Jeremy Nett, PermaNett Acres

Tamaroa, IL

Detailed Info 


 Steve & Ethel Baker, IrishMudd LLC

Warsaw, IN

Detailed Info





Paula Toney, Liberty Farms

Gloster, LA

Detailed Info 


Amanda Hand, MKONO

Huntingtown, MD

Detailed Info

Michael Serebruany, Helens Farm

Brookeville, MD

Detailed Info

Carol Swann, Dig Your Roots

Federalsburg, MD

Detailed Info 



Michelle ten Haaf, ten Haaf Acres

Nunica, MI

Detailed Info

 Garrett & Laura Messer, Hickory Nut Hollow

Fenton, MI

Detailed Info

 Sherry Birchmeier, Looney Kunes Farm

Pinckney, MI

Detailed Info

Tonya Wilson, Bacon Acres Ranch

Free Soil, MI

Detailed Info 



Lois Quenneville, Whispering Grasses Farm

Memphis, MO

Detailed Info

 Brittney Malvitz, Malvitz Family Farm

Centerview, MO

Detailed Info




New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

 Kirsten & Nathan Couevas, Sublime Pastures

Los Lunas, NM

Detailed Info

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota


 Melanie Blake, North Root Farm

Ashtabula, OH

Detailed Info


 Gene Bellamy,  Centennial Farms

Warr Acres, OK

Detailed Info

Dana Reid, Balanced Earth Farm

Hood River, OR

Athena Stillinger, Wild Forage Farm

Colton, OR

Detailed Info 


Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


Andi Harper, High Hopes

Clinton, TN

Detailed Info

Monica Noblin, Glory Meadows Farm

Flintville, TN

Detailed Info

 Genevieve Demastus, 14 Carrot Farms

Arrington, TN

Detailed Info



 Kerri Baker, Carter Creek Farms

Springtown, TX

Detailed Info

 William & Lindsey Clayton, Humble Hill KuneKunes

Comfort, TX

Detailed Info



Kathy Petersen, Virginia Kunes

Dewitt, VA

Detailed Info

Caroline Malott, Red Roof KuneKunes

Lynchburg, VA

Ashley Wilt, Justa Lil Farm

Appomattox, VA

Detailed Info

Steve & Kelli Hall, Hematite Homestead

Covington, VA

Detailed Info

Ashley Wilt, Justa Lil Farm

Appomattox, VA

Detailed Info


Chelsey Martin, Lewisville Kunekune Farm

Battle Ground, WA

Detailed Info

 Kellie Pavlov, Misty Mountain Manor

Eatonville, WA

Detailed Info

West Virginia

Chris & Jenny Knopp, Mountain State KuneKunes

Sandyville, WV

Detailed Info


 Jenny Neuendorf, Hilly Haven Farm

Loyal, Wisconsin

Detailed Info



Terri Decock & Devon Woodward, BBS Ranch

Haywood, Manitoba, Canada

Detailed Info

Shane Miller, Deeply Rooted Farm

Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

 Gertrude Schwade, Indian River KuneKune Farm

Indian River, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

 Kate Belbeck, Belbeck's Family Farm

Moffatt, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

 Kelsey Schuurman, Schuurman Farms

Deroche, British Columbia, Canada

Detailed Info

 Jackie Fawns, KuneKune Pig Palace

Foam Lake, Saskatchewen, Canada

Detailed Info

 Julie Johannessen, Border Brook Gardens

Brinston, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

Peter & Angela Zwambag, Wyerwindz Farm

Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

Donnie Courchaine, KOA KuneKunes

Saskatchewan, Canada

Detailed Info 

Nathan Moltzan, Wal-Oak Acres

Mayerthrope, Alberta, Canada

Detailed Info

 Devona Hartskamp, Hart Acres KuneKunes Canada

Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada

Detailed Info

Sandra Jennings, Clearview KuneKunes

Strayner, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info 

Tanya Pilkington, Pilkington Acres

St George, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info 

 Taylor Christie, Taylor Made KuneKunes

Allenford, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

 Natalie Warren, Auburn Acres Farm

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Detailed Info

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