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The AKKPS Online Herdbook is available to all AKKPS members for $25 per year.  There is an option on the membership application to add this.  However, if you did not add it on your online application, but would like to add access now, please complete the below form. 

Please allow 72 hours for processing.  YOU WILL NOT GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS.  WE WILL HAVE TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST.  You will receive an email when the account has been set up.  If it is longer than 72 hours, please email for more information.

Just a few of the amazing features of our online herdbook include:

    • Search KuneKune Pedigrees
    • View offspring records for all KuneKunes on record
    • View ownership records, breeder records, registration numbers, identification numbers, color, number of wattles, gender, and so much more for each KuneKune on record.
    • Run Trial Pedigrees.  Want to see what a Pedigree will look like for a potential mating?  With a few clicks of a button you will instantly have that information at hand.
    • View inbreeding percentages for all KuneKunes on record as well as view these percentages for the trial pedigrees that you run, thereby having a more informed decision about your buying and breeding plans.

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