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Any AKKPS member can post Ads in this section on any AKKPS registered Pigs/Piglets.  Below you will find a description of each section available to advertise in.

Webpage Advertising:

Adult Pigs: For any mature pigs for sale, two photos, price is $5 per pig to list an Ad for 60 days.
Piglets: For any piglets for sale, 2 pictures, price is $5 per piglet to list an Ad for 60 days.
Breeding Pairs: For any two piglets for sale being done as a breeding pair, 2-4 pictures allowed, price is $5 per pair to list an Ad for 60 days.
Litter Listing:  To list a litter that has been born already, up to 5 photos,price is $10 per litter to advertise for 60 days.
Upcoming Litter Listing: To list a planned litter that is upcoming, price is $10 per litter to advertise for 90 days.
Miscellaneous: For any Pig or Farm related items, price is $5 per item to advertise for 90 days.

Please let us know if your pig/piglet/litter sells before the end of the ad and we will remove it however, there is no refund for unused portions due to the low cost involved in advertising.

Newsletter Advertising:

Any Ads you place on the this website can also be placed on in our monthly AKKPS Newsletter that goes to all AKKPS members.  Cost of this is $10 additional per newsletter added onto the cost above.  When you email your Ad to us, please specify where you would all like to advertise and the duration if you would like to advertise in the Newsletter.

Each Ad can be renewed as many times as the member wants.  Each Ad can have up to 2 pictures and up to 50 words.  To list something in this section, please email us with with the following information:
  • What section you would like to advertise in
  • The pictures to include (if any) and emailed as attachments
  • The wording to include in the Ad
  • The AKKPS registered number of the pig/piglet being advertised or for litter listing the AKKPS # of parents.

Email us by clicking here .  A custom invoice will be sent to you to pay for the advertisement. 









 Adult Pigs / Herd Sale


Breeding Pair

 Piglets for Sale

Pick of the litter! 

Ru/Trish boar piglet, double wattled, brown/wht,  COI 7.1%.  Nice head, big ears, straight top line.  Registered, DNA tested, microchipped.  DOB 4/20/17.   OUR FAVORITE!!   Sold the others, but held on to this little guy.  Realize it just doesn’t make sense to keep him. $750  
AKKPS #5198

Ad placed 07/31/2017 Expires 09/31/2017


Breeding Boars available to be paired with this lovely lady
**2 other sisters available as well at $550 and $650.00

Virginia KuneKunes

ad placed 8/10/2017 Expires 10/10/2017

Kune Kune Pigs for sale

David Williamson

628 Baxterville Rd.
Lumberton, MS 39455
Phone: 601-795-8811


Mahia Love/ Aria Giana

Black & white boar 
DOB: 3-7-2017
AKKPS # 4773
Double wattles

Tri colored Gilt
DOB: 3-7-2017
AKKPS # 4778
Double Wattles

ad placed 9/1/17.  Expires 11/1/17

Litter Listings

"Stunning Litter of Nine - COI 6.2%. Born June 15th. 4 Boars, 3 Barrows and 2 Gilts. Black & Whites, Ginger & Blacks with various number of wattles. Parents: Lailah, Ginger & Black, outstanding temperament and great mothering skills. Arthur, Black & White, throws big litters. 

David Wesoloski
BooYa Ranch

Ad placed 7/23.  Expires 9/23

 Long Island Kunekune
Susan Drake
70 Woodlawn Avenue, East Moriches, NY

Boris/Sally Male
Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, AKKPS 5090

Boris/Sally Male $900
Light Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, AKKPS 5091

Boris/Sally Male $900
Ginger/Black, 2 wattles, AKKPS 5089

Sally/Boris Female $900
Brown/White, 2 wattles, AKKPS 5086

Sally/Boris Female $900
Brown/White, 2 wattles, AKKPS 5087

Ad placed 07/24/2017 Expires 09/24/2017

Upcoming Litter Listings




Miscellaneous Items For Sale


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