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AKKPS Color Chart

KuneKunes come in an array of colors.  The dominant color comes first, followed by the secondary color.

The AKKPS recognized colors are:

Cream, Ginger, Black, Brown, Ginger/Black, Black/Ginger, Tri, Black/White, White/Black, Brown/White, White/Brown

Gold tip is a recognized color but, to date in the USA there has not been one.  Therefore, a photo is required for registering this color.

Cream Solid

Ginger - Solid

Black - Solid

Brown - solid (can look black as an adult)



Tri -  color 

 ginger/black with white tip legs/feet and white in under belly




(brown darkens as they mature to look black/white as adults)


brown darkens as they mature and can look white/black as adults

Gold Tip 

NO reported births of gold tips have ever been noted in  USA, Therefore, a photo is required for registering.. Per the BKKPS, the color has a base color of black or brown with gold tips to the end of the hair shaft.


04/01/2019 NEW

AKKPS now has a color designation for Ginger/Brown and Brown/Ginger.  This is added to the litter notification.


Further color clarifications between brown and black.

In Brown/White or white/brown piglets - you will see the brown agouti stripes in them.  If they have the stripes - they are brown/white or white/brown and if they do not have stripes - they are black/white or white/black.  See examples

Belting or Banding - We are beginning to see "belted/banded" KuneKune pigs.  While they are not in the color chart, as it is not a typical KuneKune characteristic, they can be registered with DNA proof of parentage.  

You will be given an opportunity on the piglet registration to have it noted in the herd book that a piglet is 'belted or banded".  After the color will be "(B)" notating the piglet has a belt or partial belt, banding or high percentage white.  

Example the pig below would be registered as Ginger/Black (B)

Please remember that it is the breeder's responsibility to notate the bands/belts when registering a pig.

More examples of belting, banding and high percentage white for reference.

Ginger (B) = Ginger, high percentage white

Ginger/Black (B) = Ginger/Black banding

Ginger/Black (B)= Ginger/Black Belted

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