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***DNA Procedure Change***
Attention breeders! A "gray area" has been brought recently.  We wish to clarify.  All piglets must be DNA'd using the breeders UC Davis account.  All DNA result must match the breeder's name and address.  However, it is acceptable for a breeder to send the buyer the DNA UC Davis submittal form to send in on their behalf with DNA samples.  Again, all breeder's must do their own registrations.

***Registration Procedure Change***
Attention breeders! The AKKPS board of directors would like the clarify a "gray area" in the official registration protocol. From now on, breeders/sellers will be required to complete the registration paperwork for piglets that they produce. or pigs that will be transferred. While the board feels that this was implied, it was never formally written in the rules. The AKKPS feels that having the seller handle all of the registration paperwork will streamline the process for the registrar and new KuneKune owners. As always, the registrar and board members are available to assist members with any questions they may have during the registration process. Thank you for helping the AKKPS keep accurate records that will benefit all of our membership!

So where do you get started regarding registration with the AKKPS?  First and Foremost, if you currently own any KuneKune pigs that are registered with another registry you will want to take advantage of our dual registration process.   The AKKPS will automatically accept for registry any KuneKune that has been previously registered with another registry that has a full and complete pedigree of DNA verified lineage.

1.) You will find our online dual registration form under the Registration tab, if you would like to submit online and you can also print the form and mail it in.  We will need a copy (scanned - if submitted online, or a hard copy - if submitted by mail) of both the official registration document and the pedigree in order to process and issue AKKPS paperwork.  This is so we can properly record all the necessary information into our herdbook. 

*(Please note, the following steps are bypassed if your KuneKune is already registered with another registry and you are dual registering them into the AKKPS herdbook.  These steps are for when your AKKPS registered pigs produce and you need to register the litter with the AKKPS.)

Litter Notifications: 

When you have a litter of piglets born you will want to complete what is called a Litter Notification In order to submit a litter notification with the AKKPS, both parents must be AKKPS registered.  You must also be the registered owner of the sow.  As soon as your litter is born, you can return to the AKKPS website at anytime and submit an online litter notification.  As an additional option you may print the PDF hard copy, complete the form, and mail it to our Registrar.  As soon as the litter notification is received and processed (usually 1-2 weeks), you will receive an email from us with the Registration # that each of your piglets has been assigned in our herd book.  Keep this email handy.  You can also easily go into our online herd book and find this information if you ever lose the email.  Once you receive the Registration #'s from us, you are welcome to DNA test your piglets at your convenience.  When entering your piglets, please put all males first and then your females as this helps processing.

DNA Testing: 
The AKKPS requires that you DNA test each piglet that you wish to register with us for parent verification.  The exception to this is that we do not require DNA testing on pet pigs.  The AKKPS uses UC Davis VGL for DNA testing.  All AKKPS members will receive a $11 discount when DNA testing their pigs.  Normal cost of this is $40, AKKPS members will pay $29. To receive the discount, Please make sure to affiliate the test with AKKPS.  You can find instructions here. You may submit all of your tests to them through their online website which can be found here:  When you complete your litter notification with us, our Registrar will email you the information you will need to complete the UC Davis online form such as the Name and Registration # fields.

You will need to pull hair samples for each piglet.  UC Davis provides recommendations on the best way to do this, as well as directions on where to send the samples. Once UC Davis receives your samples they will generally email you with an estimated processing time.

Need further help with DNA testing?  Please view our DNA Testing Help Guide.

Piglet Registration:

Once you have received the official DNA test results back from UC Davis, you are welcome to register your piglets with the AKKPS at anytime.  You can return to the AKKPS and complete the online registration application or print out the PDF form and mail it to our Registrar.  The online application has a area for you to upload the DNA test results.  If you are mailing your registration form please include a copy of the DNA test results

The AKKPS accepts three types of Identification for pig/piglets:

  • Microchip (any brand)
  • Tattoo
  • Eartag
All piglets must be permanently identified prior to leaving for their new homes.  This identification will be needed to register the piglets.

If you use a Tattoo please place your herdname prefix in the right ear of the pig and the registration number (provided to you by our registrar after the litter notification) in the left ear. 

If you use a Ear tag please provide us with the tag number when registering.

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