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The KuneKune Pig is a delightful breed of swine once near certain extinction.  They were only found in New Zealand and kept by the Maori people.  They are known for their extremely laid back, docile, friendly personalities.

The American KuneKune Pig Society is run on a non-profit basis to further the interest of the pigs, the pedigree and lineage of the breed, and those who love to keep them. The AKKPS is an official breed registry for pedigree KuneKune pigs, and provides our membership an accessible online herdbook of all AKKPS registered pigs and their ancestors.

The AKKPS promotes the KuneKunes as multi-purpose pigs.  Find out more about all of the wonderful benefits of the KuneKunes on our KuneKune Purpose page.

Membership fees are very reasonable to join the AKKPS.  Membership comes with a variety of benefits.  One of the main focuses of the AKKPS is to provide a membership driven organization that provides a wealth of information and educational experiences for all that want to learn more about this delightful breed.
  Find out about all of the services we offer on our Member Services page.

Passion, Knowledge, Education...Join the AKKPS today!

So many hard working individuals have made the AKKPS possible.  A special Acknowledgements page has been set up in honor of our appreciation.

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